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FTP operation of common sense

What is FTP? What FTP functions?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files on the Internet protocol (File Transfer Protocol). It is for us to each other in the Internet, transfer files and set file transfer standard, provides Internet on how to transfer files. In other words, through the FTP protocol, we can with the Internet, the FTP server for file upload (Upload) or download (Download) and other activities.
For a virtual host users, FTP is mainly used to upload the user's site to a virtual host or web pages downloaded from the host to the local.

What is anonymous FTP?
Anonymous FTP is the FTP server, login, users use "anonymous", password for your Email address you can login. Can be seen, anonymous Ftp is open to any user, but after landing the user's permission is very low, only download files from the server, but can not upload or modify content on the server, it can effectively help site owners of documents or software for Internet users on the downlink.

What is FTP HTTP?
Sometimes users need FTP to download files lasted for several hours, if line break, do not have the FTP server, FTP HTTP can only scratch the retransmission; have the FTP FTP HTTP HTTP server with FTP capabilities allows users to upload disconnected from place to continue driving, thereby greatly reducing the user's worries.

* By what means can FTP operation? What are commonly used FTP software?
(1) can be through FTP software, DOS mode, IE browser, etc. for FTP, most of them are using FTP software FTP management.
(2) FTP software includes: cuteftp, Leapftp,, flashFXP so. Dreamwave, and Frontpage have upload web pages.

路 DOS mode to use FTP
You can use WIN98 MS-DOS mode under. Or windows2000 in the annex to the command prompt, enter
C:> FTP domain
USER NAME: Administrator account
PASSWORD: password
LOCAL file filename
REMOTE file filename
You can upload
Download using GET command

路 FTP commands used
Ftp command's function is to the local machine and transfer files between remote machines. The general format of the command as follows:
c:> ftp host name / IP
The most commonly used commands are:
ls lists the remote machine's current directory
cd on the remote machine to change the working directory
lcd on the local machine to change the working directory
ascii Set the file transfer mode to ASCII mode
binary Set the file transfer mode to binary mode
close to terminate the current ftp session
End transmission data buffer for each hash in the data show a # sign after
get (mget) send the specified file from the remote machine to local machine
put (mput) send the specified file from the local machine to the remote machine
open to connect the remote ftp site
quit the remote machine to connect and disconnect and exit ftp
? Display local help information

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Interview with Kai-fu Lee I do not want to do pieces pieces (Figure)

- I am excited to be able to go to work every day, instead of doing a piece, even if it is an important piece.

Tencent Network News: July 25, 2005, the new google China President Kai-fu Lee 鍗氬+ meet Tencent network news, press interviews, and reporters talk about their switch to the reason, its most want to tell Chinese students, then their value most in life are two Happy so.

6 days ago, a shock to the Internet community, and major news Kai-fu Lee is closely related: the former Microsoft vice president Kai-fu Lee global lightning jump to google, as its Vice President and President of China, responsible for google in China. Then, Microsoft in Washington state prosecution Kai-fu Lee on charges of violating its own signed commitments, violated a noncompete clause. Then, last Thursday, Google asked a California court that Microsoft claims that former Microsoft vice president Kai-fu Lee allegations of breach of noncompete agreement void, and counterclaims.

Why leave Microsoft? Because China does not want to do complex plus gear, even if it is very important to gear

Five years ago, Kai-fu Lee to build a world-class because of the success of Microsoft China Research Institute and transferred back to the headquarters of any global vice president of the United States. However, in the minds of Kai-fu Lee, a Chinese always inextricably complex, because of this, he opened the "Kai-Fu student network", Chinese students have to write four letters, also intends to China Students write a book ... ...

A year ago, in a speech at the Chinese University, a student asked Kai-fu Lee, will leave the company. Kai-fu Lee's answer is never. Because he is a pursuit of influence, while Microsoft, is to achieve the best platform for their ideals, so he will not leave. After the jump google, Kai-fu Lee issued a brief statement in years, said, "I am very excited to work to Google, more pleased to be able to return to China. "

In this regard, Kai-fu Lee's answer is, "This is my truth, then a year ago, but one of my judge, not a promise. The pursuit of influence is my ultimate goal. When Microsoft feels that the world's largest companies can achieve their ideal of life, a year later, after the company access to Google, in particular to google to see the work of friends and students, one by one excited, passionate surging like to see to one of the causes, too, that in google, this is the best stage to achieve their goals in life. Microsoft this great company, every person is a gear, the gear means the machinery, and orderly, but this is not the life you want, even if the gear is very important, nor is it what you want.

Q: "I take 20% of the time, to help Chinese students, right? "(Kai-fu Lee)

A: "You only use 20% of the time Why? "(GOOGLE's CEO)

This year in May, that Google intends to build Chinese company, Kai-fu Lee to google's CEO Eric sent a message, said: "I've heard Google in China has great development plans, we can talk. "10 years ago, two of the elite IT community already know, have some contacts. At that time, Eric in the SUN work, Kai-fu Lee is still Apple.

Kai-fu Lee intends to receive the mail after joining, Eric overjoyed to Kai-fu Lee called, "If you like, you can always google the company into, but I hope you first consider one issue: Why are you in? "

Kai-fu Lee considered good, because He was not content to be a gear. However, the results of the first interview, instead letting his misgivings.

Interview was pleasant, but when Kai-fu Lee google the company has a culture that is 20% of the time employees can do their own thing, he jokingly asked the boss: "Then I can use 20% of the time, to help China students? "

Kai-fu Lee said in reply is: "You only use 20% of the time? "

The answer is no doubt well-informed Kai-fu Lee to have big glasses off, as Kai-fu Lee to him as an idol of college students big glasses off, he earnestly to teach students who will not leave his life honesty Microsoft, but later entered lightning google.

Interview back, Kai-fu Lee did not mind. Because google gave him the feeling that "too good to be too", "the company build up too well, really the case? "

A few days later, Kai-fu Lee agreed to join Google - After some beating about the bush type of understanding, Kai-fu Lee believes that this is true of google, even though it's real people to doubt their own experience.

Even if the case lost the battle, I will not regret it

For two of the world's top companies and their clients in this case, although on various occasions, Kai-fu Lee said he was inconvenient to have any comment.

But when reporters asked about that he had been expected would have such drastic consequences, Kai-fu Lee frankly, it might be expected, but really do not want to own such a thing. For Microsoft, the Bill - Gates also Bowerman, he grateful for 7 years at Microsoft, he learned a lot, and never regret. Even this development stage, he has only established in accordance with their own principles of life: Remember the good people.

But the lawsuit is a lawsuit, after all, google win, Kai-fu Lee can also choose to go their own way. Google lost the case, Kai-fu Lee to choose this path may be a dead end of the. When a reporter asked him this question, Kai-fu Lee Groans, cited July 5, 2005, he entered the Bill - Gates office said the resignation of the first sentence: "I need to follow my heart!"

"I will not regret it, even if the case loses, after all I had to choose the way to go!" Kai-fu Lee said firmly.

Two of the most value happiness in life: the impact of the cause, and for Family

In a letter addressed to Chinese students, Kai-fu Lee said, happiness is more important than success. In addition to the joy of success, Kai-fu Lee the most value happiness what is it?

"Family harmony! "Kai-fu Lee answered without hesitation.

Asked if he could elaborate on his family.

"Line ah. "

Kai-fu Lee's face emerged happy smile, and to the beginning of a fairytale.

"I married my wife for many years, ah - 22 years, two girl ... ..."

"This change of career, family members are in support of What? "

"My wife is very supportive, we have the family moved to China, with my wife than I would like to start over, because I want to run on both sides, while the children go to school, so they will first come together with his wife. "

"That's what the two little princesses? They are willing to leave their familiar communities and partners Why? "

"They put forward: to meet one of their conditions, they agreed. "

"What conditions? "

"Give them to buy a dog. "

... ...

A house of laughter. Kai-fu Lee indistinguishable to learn her daughter's own words, it is so serious interview atmosphere alive.

Google China to recruit people? The number of staff limits?

Since google is one of China's two main objectives to train a team of outstanding professionals in China. So, what kind of talent is the type of google enjoy it? google in China China to recruit the number of people?

Google is a computer scientist's paradise. Our only criteria is to recruit talent: and the United States as good talent. This is the new president of China's answer to google.

Kai-fu Lee said that China's IT talent that was better than poor people, regardless of ability or clever programming degree and so on. Chinese students and American students the greatest difference he sent in creativity. This is and China should be separated from education. Therefore, Kai-fu Lee to recruit people who said, in addition to creative ability in this area a little bit lower standards, other aspects comply with the company, how many, how many strokes and no quota.

As for being a google employee, how will a kind of working environment and benefits, Kai-fu Lee to you describe an ideal blueprint of the Kingdom of style, different from the blueprint that these, in the United States have achieved.

"You go to work tired, can help you massage massage massage; office, you walk a few steps is a wide range of food and beverage; own kitchen, top-class chefs do delicious hot, so Si Gui home ... you do not ... "

Word, google is a computer scientist's Club, you came to mind any idea, can do that, do not consider there is no market prospects can not find a business model, as long as help people work better, living, You can do it, do not cut out, it does not matter, throw away, do another on the line.

And, google, regardless of technical level, what kind of education will do, undergraduate, master's to PhD, can find their posts. Important is that you are a passionate, not to work when affordable - because, in google, is a thought excited enterprise work.

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Siphon fighter 4 Full Raiders

銆怗ame銆?operation Posts



鈫?throw away their weapons by 鈻?br />
鈻? reading, open the door, and all actions

鈼? roll

脳: squat

鈻? Shooting

L1: first-angle

R1: Lock

L2: to the left

R2: move right

L3: the role of movement control

R3: The first target under the angle, press the R3 bullets filling.

select: change weapon


銆怰ole in production of articles銆?br />

GENDER: gender role change the game. 2

RANDOMIZE: the role of the overall game selection. 100 species


1 BODY SHAPE: shape. 3

2 skin tone: skin color. 4


1 FACE: face overall. 20 species

2 FACE SHAPE: face. 5

3 HAIRSSTYLE: hair. 4

4 HAIR COLOR: hair color. 4

5 EYE COLOR: eye color. 8

6 MAKEUP: Face clothing. 24

NAME: Name


銆怗ame Description銆?menu

After the game into the menu START

OBJECTIVES: to complete the task and the unfinished

RADIO LOG: record radio contact

BRIEFING: Task description

EQUIPMENT: Equipment

STATS: Status

OPITONS: Change game settings

QUIT: Quit

Introduction銆?銆恈ommand center menu

MODIFY AGENT: changing role of the details

DOSSIER: log files

RANK: Weapons list

RATINGS: results list


SPECIAL RATINGS: received a special medal award

COMMENDATIONS: special weapons

MEDALS: Medals and weapons introduced.


Task of top

EQUIPMENT MODIFY: (equipment change)

EQUIP: major weapon

BACK: back of arms

SIDEARM: pistol

AUXILIARY: Miniature Weapons

GRENNADE: grenades

MELEE: Melee Weapons


A brief introduction銆?銆恜ractice task

IPCA European Command Training Center

A master mobile, open the door, climb stalk children, use elevators, etc.

2 Use the 鈻?the body moved to the specified location.

3 master shooting, lock,

4 enemies with a knife will kill from being

5, the use of sniper gun

4 live-fire exercises.


銆怗ame Description銆?process

One of the main line in the COMMAND CENTER tasks must be completed, and to meet certain requirements can enter the additional hurdle

2 into the mission, enter the game menu OBJECTIVES can see the tasks and unfinished tasks, and can be marked on the map to determine which tasks are not completed, the map shows the box is usually done must go, the menu also gives a brief description, should always watch for the completion of the task is very helpful.

Three of the fighting,

1 lock: Although automatic lock, but best to first determine the primary objective, to determine the direction of the press lock, or it may occur near the face of the enemy situation to attack the enemy from afar

2 Melee: melee sometimes difficult to kill the enemy, then enter the first view propose that L1 will greatly improve the success rate.

3 escape: escape does not have the invincibility time, but now can offset the loading time.

Enough wrote 3 4

Four-way given the task of many if not completed in time to reach 100% completion rate will need to start over.

5 According to the tasks of the evaluation of the situation would be different, a lot of hidden weapons and evaluation of a direct relationship.


Raiders銆?銆恗ain line task flow

Here do not include additional tasks, hereby marked

銆怌arthage, Michigan Quarantine Zone銆?br />
Task description

Task tips

I hope that you can prove yourself. You need to have autonomy in your own way the job done. We authorize you to take any action, not just switch on the trigger. To Mujari and Broussard, you are required to obtain Dr.E my door before those patterns will continue our research.

CHA did not know we are here, they will fire you, for them you might be another terrorist, but you must be careful not to open fire on them, clear? DPE authority within its jurisdiction all the terrorists will be targeted.

Logan Executive doubt the emergency of new virus caused siphon control, I think he may be right, he wants results, and to enable us to get them.

An elimination of all enemy appeared, from the end of the trash climb the ladder,

2 into the side after fire on them, get KEY CARD, open room by BIO DATA GEAR.

3 water samples collected 5, respectively, under a water hydrant Beach, collecting water samples

4 underground wall edge to collect water samples

5 pool to collect water samples

6 way to put such machines BIO DATA, 60 seconds left.

7 out of the fire after the explosion tied next to the collection of water samples

8 from the table next to climb.

9, after climbing out from the pipe to collect the last of a water sample.

10 from the ground through the tunnel, destroy the enemy, after all, turn off the power supply switch. This will not take the subway tunnel to be electric.

11 Note that the enemy flashbang subway tunnel.

BOSS marksmanship 12 games last very accurate, high attack power, the proposed elimination of peripheral equipment, night vision soldier first, and then climb up the room through a pipe, if the direct hit, but his words, they do not climb in the pipeline waiting to go, etc. He entered shooting range, shooting straight with the first perspective can be. [/ Color]


銆?銆怶arehouse District

Task description:

We know that this is due to the outbreak of Garthage CHA chief Broussard and called Anarchiste Libertaire Armee (ALA) organizations involved in chemical and biological weapons caused, we only know that their leaders are oren Masson and Jen Fournier. They threatened to pollution Carthage's water supply system. You need to find out the container with the virus.

Fournier direct leadership of the region's terrorists. So they need him as your primary goal, Mujari be used as hostages to be held in the region. When I found him I will notify you by radio, if he is alive, he was taken away from where we will, Xing Executive stated that: This one will take care of yourself.


A collection of three ALA in water

2 gunmen beat the woman, her equipment, M-16K, bullets stronger than FMAS, in the yard beside the cabin can also be M-16K, an extra Travels war.

3 rescue Mujari

4 beat fournier to spare to his use of M-16K back into the first person in the side and kill him after 4 and so on down the ladder, climb up the ladder to destroy the enemy inside, the task completed.

銆?銆怌arthage Mall

Task description

ALA terrorist leader "Masson", has by gas bombs placed in Garthage Mall, he intended to blow him and half the city with, you have to kill him.

Local police have to block, prevent more SWAT troops into, I do not want to turn into a massacre there.

Alima and I flew to the scene from Mujari, he looks very bad, Dr.Weissenger will be there to meet us, in addition to her no one can stop the virus.


A layer of lock MALL ENTRANCES (doors) one of two damaged detonators.

2 layer lock MALL ENTRANCES (gate) a.

3 Save the SWAT officers

4 to complete the order DPE

5 complete the above task into the boss battle, he will not go up the flyover on your attack you, come to the bottom, where SNIPER is emerging, in the bridge can see shooting up the place, half-way pay attention to supply the bullets.

銆怣azyr, Belarus Krivorozhstal Mill銆?br />
Task description

In Italy I found groups of infected shipped Road, Belarus intends to use the beef plant, so the old factory intends to do with the infected meat, I want to find out.

Plant manager called Dobranski: to find him and seek answers from him, but keep a low profile, this is a hidden task I do not want to wait until we come back to face written report. The plant's workers are not targets, so do not control them, but to remain vigilant. Belarus has some things to hide, I can smell, of course, not those contaminated beef.


1 found Dobranski

2 soldiers killed in CDP

3 Turn off the factory switch, take the elevator to the underground

4 Turn off the machine.

Eliminate the two snipers in the commanding heights 5, placed above after the use of C4.

6 down and rescue a worker from the commanding heights.

7 Map of the far right to climb the ladder and entered the, here to save a hostage, to use C4 to destroy the box by documnets

8 northwest of the map and then save the two hostages

9 to the Mill machiine Department turn off the machine.

10 killed, "Dobranski"

銆?銆怋laya Vezha

Task description:

This is my favorite type: first, ask questions after the shooting. Chechen henchmen and our operations is a mistake. We must not only beat them, but also hit them thoroughly.

First: Pick up your weapon: our plane crashed in a canyon north, where the destruction of their OPS Control System, AA towers, trucks, whatever you can find something, when I give the word, we have villas and tag -team pulikovsky convergence, I'll regret this beast we encountered.

I will follow alima: I want to wring the guys who squint her neck.


A first substation to use C4 to destroy, C4 bombs can be next to the supply.

2 Use the destruction of communications truck C4

3 AA tower so paralyzed

4 to get equipment in the helicopter wreckage.

5 off valve

6 destruction of Scud missile

7 below spared from the Bridge

8 Save the stone, and killed pulikovsky

9 using grenades to blow up tanks


I am sorry for the fraud, my friend, but I let him know Luogen Yong far agent to help me assassinate Mossad's unless he is "convinced" (negotiators).

You have helped me accomplish my task, I assure you I will hand over Yushchenko's viral container.

Timing is key to our success. Once you enter the security station you must find a way to re-arm themselves. Do not let the guards off alarms. I and Al-Hassan is the end of the meeting when the death of Al-Hassan. You must go to upperbalcony provide covering fire for me in my search for al - Hassan, when the paper. Do you understand? Wish the fate of all of us smile.

Elimination of security in 5 minutes

Cage where the weapons recovered from secrity

No collateral damage

Before his death in alhassan not alarm

Provide cover to the zohar

銆?銆怲okyo japan murakawa tower

Task description

The task is arduous, but we can still resolve to end, once gina repair the stone bowl, I will complete my goal. Then you wait for your signal, you must enter Murakawa tower into his office. Located above the high-security platform, and then the roof to protect our LZ.

If you're lucky, they will be us as an orchestra (HNT) and not to attack. Where they will not destroy the data. When I was there the secret work that I get enough information and confirmed Murakawa somewhere there is another siphon his laboratory. Together, we will find it, be sure to be extremely careful, they will fight to the death of Yakuza, I know.


Helicopter repair damage in the gina, check the enemy.

Dive Murakawa Tower.

Eliminate Yakuza officials.

HNT leader Mastua low shot dead

Low-level leaders killed securty Ryusaki hand wheel gun, has the effect of a blow slay.

Repair elevators in the basement.

2 House officials shot dead a Yakuza

3rd floor, killing a Yakuza officials.

4th Floor, killed two Yakuza officials.

Did not trigger security alerts, the proposed pipeline from the 4th floor to climb. Open the elevator switch.

6th Floor updated computer data, careful not to damage the data.

8 floor into a computer to open the door, looking for surveillance video search

Save the roof of the LZ

Another advantage of the roof of the elevator, to floor2 layout 3 C4, change clothes halfway attention.

To obtain samples

Meet at the heliport and Lian

銆怌arthage, Michigan Quarantine Zone銆?br />
Irawaddy Basin

Task description

Imani's death I should bear part of the responsibility, and we flipped a coin to follow the North Korean agents who will look at "Yong-jun Kim" and who will enter Murakawa Tower, completed that task, if I throw coins egg which failed, would I will rot in the jungle, we took her home, it is the only thing I can do. I would like to know who is going to buy the NK nuclear weapons.

First, we have other work to do to find the wreckage in the way you set these anti-personnel mines, in return you will have to face the whole way in Myanmar rebel army, I think they are prepared to deal with these mines. Find Kim's body and find his briefcase to carry. Remember, they shot down the aircraft to contact us and killed one of our pilots, these beasts have a comprehensive war against us, destroy them all.


In the arrangement of four mines along the way

C4 bombs under the bridge layout

Under the arrangement of all the wooden bridge C4 bomb

Destruction of the radar

Eliminate Than muang

Briefcase found yong-jun Kim

Place in the fall issue of the bodies found Aimigelei

Body found in Aimigelei tracking device

First find the plane yong-jun Kim

Virus samples recovered

Eliminate terrorist MetaGlobal

Back from the terrorists who file

Body back to the boat will Aimigelei.

銆?銆怌hechen terrorist base

Task description:

We have not much time, Ivankov somewhere in there a military base the following nuclear missiles, CDP has been very clear that they will be aligned to Moscow.

To complete your task needs its own, I want you to thoroughly search ivankov sweep the maximum forces and destroy them before the war, we will try to damage the morale of the terrorists.

STONE will be strategically arranged C-4 to ensure that our withdrawal. Direct clear slip cover fabric to ensure complete safety. I will eliminate the enemies of forest lots. Good luck.


Elimination of the four men Lieutenant Ivankov

1 Turn right at the beginning of a warehouse, Rao into the warehouse can be killed

2 in the high-profile shooting, use the edge can spare to go on top

3 in the tank, it is best exposed in the tank in his head outside the storm

Destroy helicopters,

STONE to provide fire support for the most important thing is to protect themselves.

Alima Haddad security guarantee, this task will help you to complete sometimes STONE.

Finally a helicopter near the faster, be sure to arrive before he left

Catch up and provide fire support to Gabe, has followed him halfway, the middle of a time limit here so as not too fast, catch him at the same time to protect themselves. If the failure is likely to start over


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U.S. online travel nearly 50% share

Sina Sohu Blog Moving Again PK

Dalian International Maritime Expo 2006 Conference reports

Rain forest wind-founder: destination domain being assessed

Premier Recreation

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Call of UPS power pollution

IGBT rectifier technology with the development of power electronics technology created a new type of rectification, using IGBT technology, UPS, can achieve the purpose of two-way protection not only to protect the load, but also protect the power grid.

Uninterruptible power supply has two basic role is usually the first to provide high-quality power to the load, to regulation, frequency stabilization, inhibition of surges, spikes, electrical noise, offset voltage subsidence, such as long-term low-voltage power supply interference; followed by the breaking uninterrupted power supply when using the battery energy storage to DC inverter to AC, providing high-quality power to the load to continue to support the load.

UPS put into operation in the traditional when the power will be injected into a large number of harmonic currents, causing harmonic loss and interference, there is also power factor device network deterioration, or "power pollution." Harmonic current not only pollute the power grid, also may contaminate the system itself.

Furthermore, UPS input power factor is low, input reactive power, power distribution required system capacity and system power capacity of other equipment have increased by 50%; This makes the grid voltage waveform interference, network wiring load capacity decreased, serious power supply system may lead to the shock of the line or other equipment, abnormal working.

Also consume large amounts of high harmonic reactive power, line loss increases, causing malfunction of electronic protection devices to opportunities to generate additional power and additional torque loss, Ying Xiang, the instrument measurement accuracy, on computer networks, communications systems produce electromagnetic interference phenomena.

UPS itself is the source of interference

UPS itself has become a major source of electromagnetic emission, the load for the protection of power while providing clean, self-will generate new electromagnetic interference. How to effectively eliminate these interference UPS technology has become an important issue in the development of the user on the pollution-free green increasing demands for UPS.

Green power system has two meanings: First, a significant saving, followed by the power supply can not (or less) on the grid pollution.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have developed a series of standards such as IEC555, IEC917, IECl000 so. Since 1996, the European Union, the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC EMC made the following definition: "of equipment or system in its electromagnetic environment to work normally, without any thing on the environment can not constitute the ability to withstand electromagnetic interference."

Can be seen from the definition of electromagnetic compatibility: The device should not only inhibit the external system to the electromagnetic interference; and its electromagnetic interference generated by the same electromagnetic environment should not affect other electronic equipment in the work.

UPS is a device by the electric power grid to providing active and reactive power, while power grid surges, spikes and other sharp harmonic wave transmission will come, in addition to radiation, inductively coupled electromagnetic interference signals coming in; UPS has is a source of interference, which in addition to providing stability to the load frequency, regulated clean power supply, because UPS is a power electronics converter, rectifier part of the grid generated by high harmonic back into the grid, can cause power grid voltage distortion, impact with an electric line of electrical equipment, it becomes the source of interference.

In addition, these high harmonics also by way of electromagnetic fields, internal and external space to produce RF interference will affect computers, electronic instrumentation, communications and radio work.

To UPS as a green power supply, we must contain and limit the high harmonics of electromagnetic interference.

Experts began to try to increase the filter approach to improve UPS, but a variety of filters, not only increases the weight of UPS, the cost to buy UPS, while the effect is not ideal, it has added a point of failure.

UPS IGBT technology began to be introduced

With the UPS technology continues to evolve, many computers, power electronics, new technology, new ideas are introduced into the UPS.

And the IT industry, similar to other products, the current phase UPS products compared with the previous, both in the main performance, appearance, size, on-site environmental adaptability and reliability, there has been significant progress, some indicators are even qualitative leap is especially true for medium and large UPS.

IGBT rectifier technology using high frequency switching PWM rectifier current, sine wave input current to achieve the purpose. Increased pulse rectifier will reduce the number of high-frequency and harmonic current values.

IGBT rectifier technology can therefore be reduced to very low input harmonic current. IGBT rectifier technology is not subject to the impact load, the efficiency of the filter with the power to overcome the size of the problem changes, filter-free true sine wave input current input.

Currently high-power three-phase rectifier circuit for power factor correction can usually only be passive power factor compensation, 6 pulse rectifier without filter is only about 0.65, and 12 pulse rectifier is only 0.8, and filter large volume, weight high, expensive applications in the field, not economic.

However, the application of IGBT rectifier technology, UPS, its single input power factor greater than 0.99, the network performance is similar to pure resistive load. As shown, IGBT rectifier technology advantages are obvious.

Generator compatibility only example: 80KVA UPS need to configure the 6 pulse 200KVA diesel generator power capacity; 80KVA UPS needs 12-pulse configuration 120KVA diesel generator power capacity; 80KVA of IGBT high-frequency rectifier UPS, only need to configure 80KVA diesel generator power capacity.

In short, UPS using IGBT rectifier technology, light weight, simple topology, with higher stability. And by other circuit topology and operating principle of the UPS compared with the current harmonics is small and can be adapted to a variety of loads, efficiency has nothing to do with the load amount, less components, small size and placement of the required space for small, non-resonance and risk of over-capacity and overall reliability.

UPS using IGBT rectifier technology is a two-way protection not only protect the load, but also protect the power grid. All kinds of electrical equipment and power equipment harmonic currents are generated pollution network, and computer load power is nonlinear way of equipment, will produce harmonic pollution and reactive power.

UPS using IGBT rectifier technology, in addition to the grid can reduce their own pollution, it can eliminate the load carried by the harmonic pollution on power and power factor correction.

IGBT rectifier technology with technology, but also allows users to find the UPS back-end is a pure sine wave UPS to provide power for UPS and power was brought in front of the load group is similar to the low harmonic resistive load such an ideal target.

Currently, UPS using IGBT rectifier technology, existing products into China, with early UPS PWM inverter technology gradually replace the scene when the square wave technology is very similar.

However, the UPS using IGBT rectifier technology there are high price, high-power devices difficult to manufacture finished products is low and so on. The technology also has the power of the UPS first to achieve small, gradual transition to high-power characteristics.

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The second mix CorelDRAW9

(Text Publishing)

Text, is a graphical software for each bound to include the important part, but also particularly in the vector graphics software, but also, especially in the CorelDRAW9 in another.

CorelDRAW9 how powerful language feature in the end, too much here, I almost do not need to say. Here I was prepared to use only the text layout features CorelDRAW9 complete this section of the layout instance, can be considered a small display of its capabilities it.

But this is only part of the contents of this section. And the first section, as in here still use other methods to complete the examples, the purpose is still only one: mix CorelDRAW9.

Now, let us take the first approach - CorelDRAW9 text layout capabilities.

The first method:

The first step: Import the picture (well, my material library is not like it like a few pictures, please respect it), then enter a period anywhere in the picture, "paragraph text" (drop down box you can enter! If is English The best passages are syntactically correct, do not put together with the letter O), and adjust the font, size. This step results shown in Figure 6.

(Figure 6)

See the picture of that three roses, right? We are to the text on the picture above, and arranged around the roses.

Step two: use "Bezier Curves", according to the edge of the Rose depicts a closed path (note the cancellation of the visual path of the border).

This is because the CorelDRAW9 the picture as a whole, he will not be separated from Rose and the background, so we can only draw three single roses, to achieve the effect of the text around the roses.

Next, whether you use cutting, lens, or any other method will do, these three roses on the inside of this path (this is not the subject of this section, I will only mention: the use of "transparency" lens, transparency set to 100, click on the "freeze" to confirm. or the first copy of the pictures, the use of "frame accurate cut" command, with the path to crop a picture on it).

Look at the results of this step: (Figure 7)

(Figure 7)

(For ease of viewing, I will remove the path in some of the rose)

Step Three: (the rose back to in situ), the paragraphs of text to move to the picture, choose the rose, the property bar, click on the "paragraph text around the map", can be the result of the (if the text range of intestinal worm 顑?disappointed Zhang Minato 類?5 Moo pennant 艅 顐?顛?Guangdong Municipal 銆怞ames shoot him playing Mei orelDRAW9 will automatically row, column editor). If some words were in rows for separate column on the use of property or the format dialog box and adjust letter spacing. The final results shown in Figure 8.

(Figure 8)

Simple, right? CorelDRAW9 powerful text editing features are also evident from the. You can also add other things and steps to achieve some additional effects. Now, you can try the following two methods. Perhaps, these two methods is more fascinating about it?

The second method:

First, repeat the first step on a way to import images, enter paragraph text. Now, for ... ...

Paragraph text will be moved to map the surface of a suitable location, tap the toolbox on the "interactive envelope tool", text outline of the paragraph to edit (using the "Edit node" the same way), can easily reach map 8 look.

Third method:

First draw a closed curve path (this path will serve as the paragraph after the text layout shape), then -

Text in paragraph tightly pressed right mouse button, drag the text to the curved path, the results can be had (This method is the provision of health - right + drag - but very practical). If you edit the curve in place, but also to look like Figure 8.

For these two different methods, the first method is to use CorelDRAW9 the "text layout functions" to achieve the text around the graphic. The second method is the use of CorelDRAW9 simple deformation tool to adjust the shape of the text paragraph, reached the final objective of the (complicated, but if the object, then this approach a bit in trouble). The third method is actually the first paragraphs of text, set a good shape, and then let the text to adapt to the shape, which is extended out of the second method.

I am not the "word layout" function not satisfied, but feel that although CorelDRAW9 powerful text layout, but if you can replace the way, and more convenient, I will choose the latter. You, you will choose?

Contents of this section to here, go to the next section.



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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DDSN analysis, PLM value for the DDSN

Companies are the DDSN (due to be moving in the supply chain network) to create efficiency and growth as a new mechanism. According to professional research organization based AMR data, if we can quickly meet customer demand, the company will gain significant and reflected in the company's return on assets, earnings per share and the marginal rate of return on these key evaluation criteria. Enterprises DDSN not only technical, but also the need for process changes, thereby changing needs of our customers to make faster and better response. When people on the target demand, supply, product changes in more and more attention, the company can not be ignored to allow DDSN based on the successful implementation of the IT platform replacement.

DDSN requires IT organizations to integrate the enterprise network to change the concept of DDSN

AMR research on the DDSN (due to be moving in the supply chain network) make the following definition: able to connect customers, suppliers, and employment needs of those three networks to respond to real-time technology and workflow systems.

The key elements of this definition is the system requirements, network. How can IT organizations, a reasonable application of these elements need careful consideration.

* Systems - IT no system, there is no measure. Existing IT systems or dedicated or committed to supply the demand, but can not be successfully integrated perspective on both, so a product can not solve the connection when screening the basis of supply and demand issues, does not give the IT implementation who make decisions to provide the necessary basis to judge.

* Requirements - IT can no longer be a simple measure of the individual implementation plan. Since the IT budget to maintain the status quo, IT need better analysis of investment potential, and then make a positive impact for the company's decision.

* Network - if you do not change the business vertical single supplier of raw materials, very few IT shops to be successful. Focus on core strength, ability to use external services to the company will bring great impact on performance.

Conclusion: The demand is changing not only the induction ability of basic business systems need to IT organizations, processes, and support and management staff of this change. Those with DDSN companies must look at their IT systems, demand and network and then determine whether the present model can support DDSN, and see whether this inspection. If an IT shop has a technology, capable of receiving orders, committed to supply the platform, then it is suitable for enterprises to embrace DDSN.

Global trade has reached maturity stage in support of DDSN

The company is speeding up global markets to open up new opportunities for potential demand. Large-scale manufacturing industry is accelerating the use of more low-cost raw materials and overseas production capacity. Governments around the world are continuing to increase and improve the safety rules and regulations, particularly those related to international commodity circulation system. For today's business professionals, above all to speed up the importance of global trade management.

Global Trade Management Automation technology has matured and continues to move forward. Data at any time convenient to obtain the required technology to help solve many companies because of the need to establish a global supply chain network moving problem.

Around this time last year, AMR research article warning that "When Xerox GT NEXUS as the SCEM, the data integrity is Xerox's top priority." AMR research report on GT NEXUS how Xerox was chosen to help solve it in the global supply chain network exposed complicated management and cooperation. Through the full range of verification, GT NEXUS provides a solution for the Xerox. Xerox through the use of GT NEXUS-demand model for only four months, they begin to adjust a large number of products across international flows, including Japan and other Asian countries, North America, Mexico and Europe. Since then, several other companies, including one well-known retailers have successfully entered the DDSN of the run-in period.

Xerox on this case alone, the network involves four main cargo transportation enterprises, two customs brokers, Ryder logistics companies and shipping companies shipping 7. The units for the coordination and implementation of the services provided real-time dynamic service.

Despite the DDSN in international logistics role and status can not be ignored, but the GT NEXUS very strange discovery in the procurement and consumer goods industries DDSN cooperation than in the logistics industry, users need more. This phenomenon is because in the international logistics in general goods carriers, third-party logistics companies and shipping companies are dependent on each transport. These companies expect the network members to provide online services. With the expansion of global trade, global logistics coordination needs also increased. NextLinx such as Open Harbor, and the expertise and service providers launch new services, such as security guarantees and flexible adjustment. These suppliers to adjust to business rules and business think tank to provide online support, but also for the customer needs the import, export and trade agreement management, online think-tank support.

According to the current look, many software department is also coordinating a number of fragmented suppliers products. GT Nexus and Open Harbor, the two companies to provide demand-driven system, they have each other to connect to other systems, such trade, the uncertain task of globalization in a larger transparency of the logistics network to adjust implementation and tracking. This joint provision of services has attracted the attention of two major retailers.

Conclusion: These type of software before the upstart company is now also gradually become mature, they set up in accordance with market demand, global logistics and trade management automation platform, and for the establishment of this repayment installments can provide customers with comprehensive services platform and the cost The substantial investment. The network is under construction, many multinational companies have already begun to use this platform. The platform for enterprises to solve complex problems of global supply chain reduce costs. This professional platform to promote enterprise development to DDSN, so upgrading the early period, the total cost of ownership, management capacity, so that the global supply chain management visibility to global supply chain more flexible and responsive. AMR research institutions will be produced in a report set out the wide choice of applications to support global trade management technology prospects.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) in DDSN (due to be moving in the supply chain network) plays a vital role in

Moving because of the need to have products supply chain network management strategy - the changing needs of our customers respond, and has global design and production of the regional partners.

To readjust the product life cycle management strategies to support DDSN. In order to ensure product design to meet the high demand, accelerate product design, product management, strategy development process is an important part. Will support each PLM product management strategy.

DDSN is not only the latest state of supply chain management, it will demand, supply and product management strategies together to ensure that business operations are facing the real needs of customers (see ARM professional research report: "DDSN: 21 century, the demand for supply). Therefore, manufacturers must recognize that PLM strategy to adapt to the importance of DDSN.

The first step: to find product management and DDSN requirements and supply management in the intersection. As follows:

? Demand - product life cycle management of customer demand management to ensure product design and development process to changing customer needs. Developed products that can truly meet the needs of the market, while avoiding because of sluggish sales and the backlog of inventory.

? Supply - in the product development process, the direct control of raw materials, collaborative product design and product management of the securities will be adjusted to speed up the procurement process and distribution team. Product data management in the supply chain to ensure continued sharing of product data.

Step Two: by DDSN maturity model to assess the maturity of product management, product management decision is in response, participation, cooperation or coordination of the kind of stage. Comparison of demand and supply of maturity, and gradually make them at the same stage.

Conclusion: DDSN through the system quickly understand the changing needs of our customers to fulfill the real needs of customers. Product life cycle management strategies to meet the market demand for shorter development cycle of new products and technologies through technology such as the reuse to ensure that supply is in line with changing needs, and more efficient.

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The establishment of a harmonious team of four password [2]

3, Learning:

Thinking alone is not sufficient to find indulge in a good way to solve the problem must be put into practice your creativity to test Caixing. And others to jointly develop some study habits, study habits helped them to improve your work habits.

4, go all out: people treat their work may be passionate, it may be less ready. The goals set for your own size will directly affect your how much input energy. The same is true for a team, do not think that people do not put the work is unavoidable, on the contrary, can be assigned to you the task that inspires enthusiasm and attention to distribution of the work the way so that we go all out to put to work.

5, feedback:

One way to learn your ideas into practice, and then be tested by observing the results. Another method is the opinions and suggestions from colleagues to benefit. Make recommendations to others and accepted the recommendations of others are on their own great benefit. You can use these skills to colleagues. Your organization can become such an organization is in the organization to seek out and provide feedback and support each other rather than compete with each other.

Explicit goals of cooperation

You not only have the basic elements of independent tasks and corresponding skills, but also learn how to combine these five kinds of skills, the goal to establish a good relationship. We once again jazz as an example. To know how to play music and get "a high level of common play jazz" should give people feelings of how the hearing, then you think about how to improve personal skills and enhance the level of the whole process of band, rhythm, note , scales, melody, chords for you on these basic elements provide a useful framework. What a success you must have a clear understanding of cooperation, need to be clear what is the objective to be achieved. Similarly, you began to improve and co-operation between the Office of colleagues before, they must know a good cooperative relationship is what should be.

If we practice the "right", then what should the practice? You can certainly think of some practices need to discard, such as convening meetings of endless and meaningless, but even if it does not mean to do that is very clear what we should do. To open a good meeting, how do we determine the agenda? To be discussed is the problem? Who is responsible for all assigned tasks? Unless we know what to do to make things better, otherwise it is difficult to get rid of those bad practices.

Gradually recognize what is good partnership process, not to itself above the top of my colleagues, but to equal and everyone will work together to improve cooperation.

Tong Guo clarity of systems thinking, your current state of collaboration can be analyzed Muqian to detect the need for what Biange Zuo, and to cooperate in the Xuanzenaxie most Neng stimulate Ni drive and most can you go all out to improve the Lingyu or Fang Mian . In addition to 5 elements of successful collaboration, you also need to know a simple way to influence others.

If you are a jazz band playing their instruments only for ordinary musicians, you will not dictate to other musicians. Instead, you can be guided from the side, for example, you can nod, a smile or a word to express a certain meaning to others. You can contribute on the basis of others to make your contribution to this team; you can be a model that you think the team should be established relations of cooperation. Each of us can make their own contributions and inspire others to make the greatest efforts to make our level of cooperation to a new level.

Inspire others to adopt better methods of work of the three simple methods are:

1, ask questions, stimulate cooperation we think the problems and seek solutions.

2, exchange views, to think of ways to tell you, let them be applied, and improved based on feedback and correction.

3, exemplary, as we demonstrate what is better behavior.

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